Cycle Monitoring


ovaryCycle monitoring is a natural process that involves monitoring a woman’s menstrual cycle, keeping track of the ovaries leading up to ovulation, and observing ovulation. This process, carried out over several days, will allow your fertility specialist to help you to determine the optimal days to conceive, or the best time for In vitro fertilization (IVF) or Intrauterine insemination (IUI).

How doescycle monitoring work?

Cycle monitoring occurs regularly during ovulation at our fertility centre and once this process is completed, your fertility specialist will be able to provide the best possibilities of conceiving.

What to expectduring cycle monitoring?

A routine ultrasound is conducted to check the ovaries and track the follicle growth. Then, regular blood work is performed to identify any hormonal imbalances. As a treatment, cycle monitoring is used to determine specific details about a woman’s menstrual cycle. Once those details are known, it is easier to predict when ovulation will occur, and intercourse or insemination can be timed so that it coincides with the time of ovulation.

What is the fertility specialistlooking for?


During cycle monitoring, the fertility specialist will be looking for healthy follicle behaviour to calculate your chances of conception.