Patient with valid OHIP coverage

If your situation does not allow you to wait for government funded IVF treatment or if you are not eligible, OHIP will not adjust its policies and procedures to meet your conditions. Thus, you must come up with an alternative method of payment. The cost of each IVF treatment will vary and is dependent on a variety of factors including the types of medication required and the specific prices of different procedures.

Specific factors to consider for cost:

Costs can only be accurately determined once a complete assessment has been performed and an individualized treatment plan has been created. Infertility treatments can be drastically different from patient to patient, as well as from cycle to cycle. This variance makes it difficult to determine a generic or average cost per treatment cycle. Some of the factors leading to this variance include:

  • the patient’s personal medical history and conditions
  • which procedure the specialist decides is suitable for the patient’s particular situation
  • the medication that is prescribed
  • diagnostic tests the doctor may require (some are not covered by Ontario OHIP or other insurance plans)

Patients without OHIP coverage

Patients who are not covered by OHIP must pay for all of their costs in a personal manner. We will provide receipts, which you may use to acquire reimbursement from your provincial medical system or private insurer. They may also be used as a form of federal tax credit. Thus, it is recommended that you keep a safe record of all receipts.