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Endometriosis –The Unknown cause of infertility

In all my years of talking to others about having children, I never guessed I might receive an infertility diagnosis.

It’s an odd thing how the mind plays tricks on you, or maybe it simply prevents you from living out a trauma before it happens.Growing a family and becoming a mom is a lifelong dream of mine.

When it was finally my turn to get pregnant, we did not dwell too much on the fact that something could go wrong.

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Pregnancy – How do I increase my chances?

“Is there anything else I can be doing to increase my chances of getting pregnant?” is one of the most common questions patients ask when navigating their journey to parenthood.

Let’s start at the beginning – when visiting a fertility specialist, you and the specialist create a conception plan and at the end of a visit, patients typically asked about what else they can do. The answer lies in the foundation of the patient’s overall health and wellness. Growing a family and becoming a mom is a lifelong dream of mine.

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The“Two Week Wait"

Anyone who has experienced the “two-week wait” knows the rollercoaster of emotions that it brings with it. In case you are not familiar, this phase refers to the time between ovulation and your expected period.

Following the two-week wait, women will be able to determine if they have become pregnant or not. While this can be an incredibly stressful time, eating a balanced, nutrient-dense diet consisting of whole foods is a great way to support your body and manage any anxiety you might be feeling.

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PCOS andFertility

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder that affects approximately 1 in 10 women of childbearing age.

It is also one of the leading causes and these number are big for a condition that has such a profound impact on a woman’s fertility; and yet, the support for it is lacking.

The symptoms of PCOS can impact a woman’s life and can include the prevalence of acne, irregular cycles, , mood swings, weight gain, and excess hair growth, to name a few. Having difficulties becoming pregnant is often what prompts an investigation leading to a PCOS diagnosis.

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Diagnosed with ovarian cancer?Preserve your fertility now.

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. What is it like to experience fertility preservation before undergoing cancer treatment?

Ovarian cancer is most frequent in post-menopausal women; however, it can also occur in young premenopausal women. Chemotherapy is frequently used when treating ovarian cancer and may cause extensive ovarian damage; therefore, preserving your fertility can be an easy step to prepare for a family one day. After diagnosis and cancer staging, IVF Canada fertility specialists address the possibility of infertility and offer fertility preservation options.

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