When can we confirm you are pregnant?

The first step in confirming your pregnancy is to do a blood test. If you had an IUI, this will be done 14 days after your procedure. If you had an embryo transfer, this will be done 9 days after your procedure.

If your initial blood test comes back positive, this means that your body has recognized the presence of an embryo in your uterus and you are considered pregnant. The blood test will be repeated within the next few days to confirm that the embryo has successfully implanted by monitoring a hormone called hCG which rises as the fetus grows.

Six weeks into your confirmed pregnancy, an ultrasound will be done to confirm the presence of a fetal heartbeat. Unfortunately, not every positive pregnancy test will result in a baby. Please see the following list of abnormal pregnancy scenarios.


Chemical Pregnancy

Ectopic Pregnancy

Blighted Ovum

Missed Abortion

Uterine Polyp