What to expect on your first appointment


1. Once you have received your appointment details, please download and fill in the Application Package and bring it to your first appointment.


2. For your first appointment, we will require the OHIP card of both you and your partner (if applicable).

3. You will be seen by a fertility specialist who will go through your medical history. Based on the discussion, the specialist will recommend an investigation (if needed). This may include:

Female patient:
a. Hormone assessment
b. Pelvic and transvaginal ultrasound
c. Sonohysterosalpingogram (to check the uterine cavity and to check if Fallopian tubes are open or closed)
d. Other tests may be required that may not be covered under OHIP


Male patient:
a. Semen analysis


ALL PATIENTS who enter into the fertility clinic for treatment will be required to take infectious blood tests prior to starting treatment.


4. You will be given a welcome package with all instructions as prescribed by your specialist. It will include detailed information regarding all the tests and our hours of operation.

Note: We highly encourage that your partner accompany you to the first appointment and follow-up office visit.